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  • As you know, PowerPoint presentation is hard to share with others because of some limitations of PowerPoint program such as the different PowerPoint versions and different Operating System. PowerPoint to DVD solutions makes PowerPoint distribution easier.

    Burning PowerPoint presentation to DVD can help:
    **Business men easily distribute DVD Disc to customers. They can make full use of this feature to design a large number of PowerPoint presentation file as product instructions and user guides.

    ** Teachers freely have lessons for classes. To burn the PowerPoint courseware to DVD disc, so that teachers as you only need to take the small DVD disc to your classes which are located all over the world.

    **Individuals let parties excellently play on TV via DVD player for entertainments. Allow PowerPoint file being watched on TV via DVD Player, so that can be shared with any of your parties.
    I know there are many PowerPoint to DVD solutions, may be 7 ways or more, but how to select a suitable PowerPoint to DVD solution? I think it is necessary to write an article about some ways about PowerPoint to DVD solutions and suggest some software you can use in PowerPoint to DVD solution.

    1. Direct PowerPoint to DVD solution
    Using a PowerPoint to DVD converter is a fast and convenient way to burn your PowerPoint to DVD directly.
    ** You just need a PowerPoint to DVD converter.
    ** It can burn PowerPoint to DVD with DVD Menus for simple play control with remote controller.
    **It can retain the animations, transitions, sound and movie clips in the original PowerPoint file.
    You can select a professional PowerPoint to DVD converter such as Wondershare PPT2DVD.

    Besides this method, the other ways are all to convert your PowerPoint presentations to videos first, and then burn the videos into DVD. So after the PowerPoint to video conversion, you need a DVD burner, Nero and Rixio are available.

    2. PowerPoint to Video converter solution
    PowerPoint to Video Converter can be used to convert the PowerPoint file to video format, and then you can burn the video file to DVD. There are many FREE software such as Acoolsoft PPT2YouTube. But it only produce the MP4 video, if you need more formats of your video, you can try PowerPoint to video converter like Acoolsoft PPT2Video Converter.
    **Not allowed to create DVD menus.
    **Cannot create DVD in manual mode control the playing process of the presentation.

    3. Online slide sharing solution
    There is a method to convert your PowerPoint to video with online converter. Take this site for example: www.authorstream.com, it not only shares your PowerPoint on it, but also converts your PowerPoint to video.
    **No need to download software
    **There are some limitations such as the presentation file size, and video formats.

    4. Screen capture solution
    If you have screen capture software installed in your computer, I think this solution is suitable for you.
    This way is to record the playing presentation using a screen capture utility. Screen capture Software like Camtasia now provides the PowerPoint capture feature to do recording of PowerPoint presentation.
    ** The screen capture software that can support PowerPoint recording function is so expensive like Camtasia.

    5. Window Movie Maker solution
    Save the presentation as multiple images and then import them to Window Movie Maker. Then you can save it as video.
    **No need to download other software. This tool is part of Windows operating system.
    ** The transitions, animations in your original PowerPoint will not be retained.

    6. QuickTime solution
    This is a free PowerPoint to DVD solution, but only for Mac users.

    7. Office 2010 solution
    As I know, the trial version of PowerPoint 2010 can save the slides as video directly. You can have a try.

    Direct PowerPoint to DVD solution is the first choice if you want to share your presentation to more people with DVD. That is the most convenient way to get the job done. If you don’t mind spending more time on converting your presentation to video and burning it to DVD, the other 6 solutions are available according to your needs.

    Tuesday, November 24, 2009 7:47 AM

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  • Tuesday, November 24, 2009 7:59 AM
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    Wednesday, February 24, 2010 6:19 AM