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  • Some one called and got the answer that they have dispatched only 3 phones and not others because courrier poblems...
    Courrier people are not willing to take the electronic items...
    So how were they able to dispatch
    3 xbox
    50 pen drives

    Harshil lives in Vidyanagar and any courier there would 1st land at ahmedabad and then go there
    He recieved xbox and now the courier cant take phones to Ahmedabad ???
    there are 2 winners waiting for the phones at Ahmedabad...

    So tell me if this is a joke or what ??

    The worse part of all this competition...
    They are not giving any official notification of delaying the gift...
    The last official mail stated that 15th august was the max date for recieving the gift.. other than that there is no notification
    And everyone knows what is the current date....
    Saturday, August 18, 2007 2:36 PM

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  • Ya Varun.

    Its a joke.

    Now read all this.

    Following are mail excerpts sent by me n my father.

    Mail 1

     Sanket Shah 
    to Abhinav
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     Aug 2 
    Dear Sir,

    Here are my contact Details :

    Name : Sanket T. Shah
    Mobile : +91-9879356075
    Address :
    Sanket T. Shah,
    E-41, Yash Towers,
    Nr. Hasubhai Park Bungalows, Opp. Sachin Towers,
    Satellite, Ahmedabad. 380 051.

    Please tell me when I can expect the gift to be there with me, as I've been waiting for it since last month.

    Waiting for positive and sooner reply,

    Sanket T. Shah.
    (Mobile : +91 98793 56075)
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    Mail 2

     Sanket Shah 
    to Abhinav
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     Aug 8 
    I'm still waiting for your response.

    This was not expected from a company with reputation that their employees don't respond to queries of contestants.

    6 days have passed and still no response.

    This shows what a great treatment we get from Microsoft.

    Mail 3

     "Abhinav Bakshi (Team Lease)" 
    to me
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     Aug 13 (5 days ago) 



    Please think before you write such mails, you are not the only one whom we are sending gifts to.


    We have a huge logistics problems on hand of sending couriers to every nook and corner of the country.


    So please check the facts and issues before writing such harsh mails.


    You will get your gift in next 15 days.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Abhinav Bakshi | Office: +91 124 4158000 Extn: 8087 | Mobile: +91 99991 69755 | Developer & Platform Evangelism-India

    "Enabling the IT Ecosystem to unleash India's potential"

    Mail 4

     Sanket Shah 
    to Abhinav
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     Aug 13 (5 days ago) 
    Rev Sir,

    I, the undersigned, the father of Sanket T. Shah (Rockstar contestant - 11th Rank Holder), wants to state and request as follows :

    There is a proverb "Justice delayed is justice denied." This is applicable for the prize winner who has hard worked for 5 months with the emotions.

    Sir, if the beneficiary of a world class company looking for a student of higher grade states their logistics services are poor seems to be much more painful. Over and above, a senior matured officer if states a letter written by a student is harsh and justifies company's delay in respect to delivering prize is even more painful.

    Expecting a support and enthusiasm from a higher officer of world class company,

    Thanking you,

    With regards,

    Tarun R. Shah
    (Manager - Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Dholka)

    Mail 5

     "Abhinav Bakshi (Team Lease)" 
    to me
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     Aug 14 (4 days ago) 

    Dear Sir,


    We totally understand the emotional quotient here, but being senior to Sanket, I just wanted to send a message to him to be little more patient. People like you and me with experience will truly understand the importance of patience in life.


    Yes we are a world class company but still we face glitches, we are trying our best to send the gifts as soon as we can.


    Just a suggestion, if you guys have any option of picking up the gift from our office in Gurgaon, I am open to that too.


    Thanks & Regards,

    Abhinav Bakshi | Office: +91 124 4158000 Extn: 8087 | Mobile: +91 99991 69755 | Developer & Platform Evangelism-India

    "Enabling the IT Ecosystem to unleash India's potential"

    Mail 6

     Sanket Shah 
    to Abhinav
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     Aug 14 (4 days ago) 
    Dear Sir,

    "Happy Independence Day."

    It's nice to receive your reply in time. I have heard that XBox and Pen Drive winners have received their gifts in last few days without having any logistic / courier problems. I am sure you must be processing gift of WMP for dispatching. I can understand your logistics problem and so Microsoft, a world class company is asking winners to visit Gurgaon center. Thanks.......

    I take this opportunity on the independence day to view my concern and suggest if world class company like Microsoft is facing logistic problem only for mobile dispatch, it should be removed as a prize. Hence, to avoid later date hassles of replying to the beneficiaries.

    You are kindly requested to expedite a tentative date of receiving the prize by the beneficiary.

    Yours sincerely,

    Tarun R. Shah.
    (Manager - Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Dholka)
    (Father of annoyed Prize winner).

    Mail 7

    Saturday, August 18, 2007 2:45 PM
  • This kind of reply is not expected from Microsoft. This things only suggest not to give prizes from the next time...
    Because the kind of Mental stress the winners have faced for the prizes is much higher than the mental stress anyone went through the competition.

    Hope the message is reached to the highest level of the Company, so that they know what problems they face at other places....

    The only concern is to make the competitions more interesting and enjoyable, but this problems are road blocks to that goal.........
    Saturday, August 18, 2007 2:55 PM
  • Saturday, August 18, 2007 11:56 PM
  • The whole matter is very bad to hear even I am 7th Rank Holder and living in Delhi NCR, but no comm. from Microsoft for my gift. 

    I think its now time not to think about gifts. 


    Sunday, August 19, 2007 10:27 AM
  • Hey man,

    In the email it was told that 15th-Aug will be the last date for the receipt of the gifts. The contest was over in 15th-June. The dead line for receiving the gifts was given as 15th-Aug, which is 2 months after the end of the contest. And now even past the deadline date ppl have not received their gifts. I dont know why it takes more than 2 months to dispatch the gifts. The gifts was decided during the start of the contest, MS could have purchased them earlier and kept with them. Even if they didn't do that, windows phones to be dispatched are ONLY 10, i dont think this is a huge number.

    I had ordered many things from the US through online sites, and also from EBAY, i get the things at my home in not more than 10 days. And MS being in India, cannot send the gifts in 2 months ? And they keep complaining that the courier wala dont support posting of the electronic items. I got the xbox, aint it an electronic item ? Even a person being in Delhi still didn't receive the windows phone. I dont think there is proper management being done for this contest, right from the start, we all had many problems, the admins were lazy throughout the contest, also we were not given any support, not even a single reply even after sending dozens of mails about queries regarding the contest.

    Is MS making a joke out of this contest, or just trynig to test our patience ? 

    Monday, August 20, 2007 2:06 PM
  • Yes Harshil, u are right!!! This is what i was not expecting from them!!! No comm., No Notification, No email by them...

    Monday, August 20, 2007 5:02 PM
  • Hey my ranks is 114 but till i dont get anything(not a single mail).I dont know whats my problem.

    Tuesday, August 21, 2007 2:42 PM

    thats y google is near to MS
    Tuesday, August 21, 2007 8:30 PM