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  • How can I modify the payment methods in the "num" column?

    eg. adding 'Visa", "Deposit", "Transfer", "Chg" or 'Paypal' in the list. All it has is: <blank>, ATM, Debit, Next check number and Print this transaction.

    I was able to add items to the list in Quicken but I have now transfered over to Microsoft Money and prefer it to Quicken.

    Hoping you can help me


    Sunday, August 7, 2011 4:35 AM

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  • You can't do what you ask directly. You can type in what you want, but you cannot add entries to the drop-down list. That column is not normally used for that purpose by most people.

    Normally, purchase with your Visa card are entered into the Visa account. Payments to Visa would be made as a Transfer from your checking a count into the Visa account.

    Deposit... depends... Depositing a check to your bank account? put the check in the check number field or leave in blank if you like. You can enter a new category too to represent the source of the funds.

    Transfer? Lots of things are transfers. Go to the bottom of the category drop-down list and find Transfer. If you don't see that as a choice, switch to Advanced Register.

    Chg? I don't know what that means.. change, charge? If charge, enter the expense transactions into the charge card account.

    Paypal? You can have a Paypal account, and enter the transactions there. Alternatively, if Paypal is debiting your credit card or checking account when you buy something, you could have a Payee called Paypal, and let it go at that. Add a Memo entry if you like. That's the way I am doing it. There is more than one way.

    So with Payee, Category, and Memo, I think you will be able to accomplish your ultimate goal, even if the method is not the one that appeals to you at the moment.




    Sunday, August 7, 2011 5:43 AM