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  • Had a worm on my dekstop achine that has caused problems with my ability to reach the internet (working from laptop).  Regcure solved regisity problems but  now Win comes up and asks me to validate.  Have valid key on emachine T440 and awaiting newly ordered recovery disk.  Cannot validate since no internet connection and can't get to windows to validate.  May need to reinstall Win XP Home, but would like to be sure I've obtained backup data from Quicken (not sure if standard backup would cover this as it has its own backup scheme. booted to Safe Mode with DOS prompt and ran MCADiag.exe c: from DOS prompt.  Shows Product Key and validation status not activated.  Is there any way to run the validation from a DOS prompt so I can get back to windows.  I'm going to do a DOS prompt backup of quicken data in the meantime.  Also, how do I obtain XP installation CD's for my valid windows to do a reinstall.  I think the worm has done to much damage to truly recover.  I am the original owner of this PC and would be happy to provide any information needed to fix this problem.  Thanks.  - MissWings317
    Thursday, August 6, 2009 7:52 PM


  • Hello MissWings317,

      Is it asking you to Validate or Activate. 

    Validation is only to out if your XP is Genuine and Windows only Activly asks to be Validated when you are attempting to download specific files from the Microsoft Download site (or if you go to http://microsoft.com/genuine and click the Validate Windows button)

    Activation is required to be done to be able to continue using Windows. This can be done without internet access. Login to XP (regular Mode, not safe mode) and when XP asks to be Activated it will usually give you a place to click to start the Activation Wizard.  Follow the Activation Wizard and it will eventually ask if you want to do it over the internet or by phone, Select the By Phone option.  Follow the Wizard's directions, call the number provided, follow the directions of the phone prompt (or Activation Rep) and you should be activated withing just a few minutes.

     If that doesn't work, the worm may have damaged more then your internet access and I would recommend waiting for the recovery disk and reinstall. You will (most likely) be asked to Activate after you reinstall XP, if you have internet access, use the 'Activate Over the Internet' option, or if you still have no internet access (or if you get any errors during the 'Activate Over the Internet') try the Activate by Phone option instead. 

    I hope that helps,
    Darin MS
    Thursday, August 6, 2009 9:21 PM