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  • I have lost my internal and external drivers on the same day during my second restore operation by my recently purchased microsoft one care which was recommended to me by another microsoft support department to help guarantee that all my business information would be backed up by there server.  What a nightmare I lost 13 years of information for my business and have spent most of 2008 on the phone with various microsoft issues.  They best training anyone I have spoke to is how to say sorry. 


    Microsoft On Care could care less and either could microsoft.  They do say sorry many many many times if this helps.

    Thursday, July 10, 2008 9:46 AM

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  • I'm sorry to read about your bad experience with support and apparently with OneCare, but I have no idea what your actual problem is. What do you mean by having lost your "internal and external drivers?" Also, OneCare does not back up anything to servers. OneCare backs up to a local destination - an external drive, CD or DVD, or a network Share.

    I suspect that they say, "sorry" for the same reason that I opened my reply with "sorry." Nobody wants someone to encounter problems using the software and nobody wants it to be difficult. You post is pretty generic with no detail, though, so I can't offer any advice or even begin to understand what your problem or problems might be. It sounds, at the very least, like your problems extend way beyond OneCare.

    If you would care to provide more details of what the problems were and what the current situation is, we may be able to offer help. We, including the moderators, are fellow users and are not Microsoft support, so do keep that in mind.




    Thursday, July 10, 2008 12:00 PM