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  • Is there anyway to have the deletion of emails synch in both Outlook and CRM?  For example, if I delete an email from Outlook, I still have to delete it out of CRM.  Conversly, if I am in CRM and delete an email, I have to open Outlook and delete it from there as well.
    Monday, June 29, 2009 9:40 PM


  • There is no configuration or setting within Microsoft CRM  that you can change that would make the syncronization delete an e-mail from outlook  if you deleted from CRM or vise versa. 

    The syncronization logic from Outlook to Microsoft CRM and from Microsoft CRM never deletes from the other system so that data is never lost.  If you are looking to build this functionality you will have to make sure you have a specific scenario when you want this to happen.  In most cases users want to be able to track an E-mail from Outlook into CRM and then be able to remove it from Outlook and have it stay in CRM historically so you do not have to keep all e-mails in your outlook.

    If you still want an e-mail to be deleted in both places you will have to build a pretty elaborate processes to do this that would have to catch a deletion in Exchaneg adn find a corresponding E-mail in CRM to remove it and catch an E-mail deletion in CRM and somehow find that same e-mail in Exchange and delete it.  Not a simple task.  You would also want to think carefully about how you implement this.  If User A tracks an e-mail in CRM and then User B deletes it in CRM should it automatically delete the e-mail from within User A's Outlook.  

    Hope that helps.

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    Tuesday, June 30, 2009 11:21 PM