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  • Where can I post requests for TechNet to implement new features?

    For one, a Wiki is a "contribution" and yet it does not show under contributions - Please treat Wikis also as 'Contributions,' since that's what they are - please make them show alongside other contributions.

    Next, you have to "jump through hoops" to get back to your Wiki whereas, if it were listed in your 'Contributions,' with the rest of the items (the way script submisisons are listed), then there would be a direct link to it. Please make it so that the user's profile has a direct link to the user's Wiki contributions - so that we don't have to go searching through Wiki just to find our Wiki contributions.

    Next, when there is a "Script Request" and someone fills that script request, that should generate points or a badge for the user. Fulfilling a repository script request and specifically writing a solution for the request takes extended effort and, whether "voted or not," that effort should be recognized. As you can guess, I recently fulfilled a script request with one of my VBScripts I wrote (to read Excel and then Search AD for the server, and update Excel with the resutls).

    Contributions should list (and link to) ALL contributions, no matter what section (subset/superset) of forums, repositories, etc. For example, if I happen to post scripts in Technet Script repository vs. whatever is the "super-set" of the Script Repository, then I should be able to sit in Technet Script Repository, click "View all contributions" and have some way to see ALL my contributions vs. just those in the Script Repository - I'm just sayin' - it would be a nice thing to have that option - even though I realize Scripting Repository is a subset of another overarching part of TechNet (maybe a button to "Show Repository Submissions + OTHER.") ? Thoughts?

    Anyway, where do we go to post such TechNet feature suggestions?


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