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    I am trying to establish a new subscription to OneCare. I used to use the product (since the beta period for the first version), but the never fixed the numerous bugs they had, so I gave up.


    I am now trying to install it again, just to see if it has improved sufficiently to at least be a feasible product. Unfortunately, I ran into two major bugs just getting it started.


    The first is that my old email address/passport account apparently has conflicting information in it. When I try to pay by credit card, it says that the credit card information already exists and can't be used again. However, when I look at the account, all of that information is marked as cleared out. So, there's apparently a huge hole in the subscription cancellation process that blocks future use of OneCare by the same account. Nasty.


    The second problem comes up when I try to create a new account (username@live.com) and use that. I get all the way through the process (including entering in my credit card information, which I do NOT like doing). But, it fails at what appears to be the very last step. When I click the purchase button, I get:


    Unable to complete request


    We can't complete your request right now. Please try again later.


    If you get this message more than once, report it as a recurring problem.


    Message 2100


    The part in italics is a link on the OneCare page. However, it merely brings me to the general help area, and there's no way to open a case there unless you already have a subscription. (Yes, it SAYS there is a way if you have the trial version, but that leads to exactly the same place and fails the same way.)


    So, I'm stuck. I can't finish the subscription process, and I can't get help. I need to talk to a human, but there seems to be no contact point (help) for people stuck in this rathole. This forum is my last resort before I have to permanently give up on OneCare and go with Symantec's competing product.

    Monday, September 8, 2008 12:01 AM


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