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  • My system disk crashed (clickity click).  Tried a reinstall which failed, bad disk.  Pulled the bad drive, put in a new one = NO reinstall option.  Sreao I spent the better part of a day pulling the drives, copying the files from the DE folders on three drives, then doing a clean install on one new drive, copying files, and then adding the drives.

    WHS was supposed to make my life simpler, not more complicated. I also lost all my backups!  WHS should be able to backup its own data to another drive.  I don' think I lost any data, but who could tell, with 29,000 files.  I have 8000 photos, as I'm a photographer.  My #1 reason for buying the server was to protect my pics and it did that, but at the cost of an entire day of moving and coping files.  And I even had to come here to figure out where they actually were.

    My opinion WHS = Failure

    Friday, October 1, 2010 11:16 PM

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  • Server reinstall on a self built machine is often depending from the Bios - in which sequence, on which ports of which controllers the disks are connected, and which drivers are loaded, if the SATA controllers are not running in IDE mode. The intended systems (OEM based home servers)should do a better job here.

    Besides that allow a remark: a regular manual backup of important files in shared folders is still necessary (you can use external disks and the Server backup feature in the console), since folder duplication does not protect against issues like user failure (deleting or overwriting the wrong files), malware, catastrophic incidents destroying the entire server (overvoltage, flood, fire, theft ...).

    There is an option to enable duplication for backups as well via registry key, but the size of the backups does not make it recommendable in most scenarios, and you still have the clients as the backup for a lost backup database. And a corrupted backup database is not much better than a corrupted duplicated backup database.

    WHS is a useful tool, but is not the all around coverage of data security in your home. You have to know the limits, but it is still better than no backup solution or workstation only based shares on different computers.

    Best greetings from Germany

    Saturday, October 2, 2010 10:54 AM
  • All of my sata drives are recognized on boot up and I have no external hard drive controller.  There is no IDE option on the bios, but it seems since all the drives are seen it shouldn't be a problem.  I did try and load the "chipset" drivers at the load driver stage but it didn't change anything.  I did an auto add of drivers after the install to add the network driver, but it seemed everything but the networked worked fine.  I'm not sure what the "chipset" drviers do but it would seem that if WHS can see the drives it should also recognize that they are WHS drives. I bought a MB that was supposed to support Win Server 2003, and had drivers for such. Still was a big waste of time to have to find and copy all those files. It did offer a "reinstall" option on the original disk, just before total physical failure.  I think it did something to the other drives during the attempted first reinstall so that during the second it did not offer that "reinstall" option.
    Also: I did have a backup of all my pics, but it was a few months old.  It seems WHS should have been able to recover from the systems disk physical crash, even during a reinstall process. I think if I had just put in a new drive, instead of trying the reinstall on the old drive first, it would have been successful.
    Sunday, October 3, 2010 6:41 PM
  • For those that come after me. I swapped the SATA cables in their ports and the reinstall option came up for me.
    Tuesday, March 1, 2011 11:33 PM