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    I have my WHS 120 Eval built on the following specs:

    MB: Intel DG965OT

    Proc: DualCore E2140
    2 Gig Transend RAM
    3 SATA drives (MB has 6 SATA ports)
    Seagate 750x1 (sys)
    Seagate 750x1
    Seagate 300x1
    (planning on adding the 500x2 and 400x2 from my MediaCenter once the files are moved over, then turning duplicaton on)

    Anyhow, I didn't do enough research  Intel provides no drivers for WinServer2003 for their desktop boards like this one.  So in order for me to install I had to set the drive mode to IDE for the SATA which then installed WHS without issue.  I did have to install the LAN drivers after install but the Giga LAN is supposedly working.

    What I'm wondering is if setting the SATA drives to IDE mode is killing my disk performance.   I tried to copy a folder with around 400gigs to the server and it pretty much stalled at 130gigs.  Trying to restart the transfer even 12gigs at a time just hung.  The share I was copying to was NOT set to duplication yet.  The WHS console said it was balancing storage, but listening to the drives, it sure didn't sound like there was much going on.  I know there are open questions or possible issues about slow transfers to WHS with DA as it sits now, but I want to make sure that my setup using this unsupport MB isn't the primary cause of my troubles.  Does setting the drives to IDE in BIOS throttle these back to ATA33 or something?

    Anyone had good luck working with these Intel DG965 boards?  Would I be better served getting a support board like this ASUS P5E-VM: http://www.newegg.com/product/product.aspx?item=N82E16813131222

    Thanks much for any experience or insight anyone can share.

    Monday, February 11, 2008 2:38 AM


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  • Setting your SATA controller to IDE mode won't significantly impact your overall performance with WHS.

    That said, there's obviously a problem with your system. I'm suspicious of the motherboard because without other drivers, you're using the generic drivers that are included when you install Windows. They may work, but they aren't tuned for your hardware. Figuring out where the problem lies is likely to be difficult, at best; swapping parts is usually your only recourse.

    Rather than the Asus board you mentioned, I've had good luck with this board from Gigabyte, should you decide to switch out your MB.
    Monday, February 11, 2008 12:44 PM

  • Thanks for the suggestion, Ken.   I'm sorry to be more of a pest, but the link you put to the Gigabyte went to a listing of Asus boards.   Can I bug you to post the link to your board again? 

    The reason I'm focused on the Asus I linked right now if becuase I'm looking to maximize on-board SATA ports and still include Giga LAN and on-board graphics (for lower power consumption I hope).   These Intels has everything I was looking for, but drivers.. shame on me for just assuming it would work.  I was to eager with the Openbox price being so good on it.

    Monday, February 11, 2008 1:29 PM

    Whilts Intel don't suppy 2003 driver for that board, they do provide updates for the entire 965 family on http://downloadcenter.intel.com/filter_results.aspx?strTypes=all&ProductID=2529&OSFullName=Windows+Server*+2003+Standard+Edition&lang=eng&strOSs=94&submit=Go%21
    Monday, February 11, 2008 1:34 PM

  • Well, I've been able to slightly improve transfer performance to the WHS.  

    - Set the BIOS to IDE for the Drive config
    - I did a complete reinstall of the WHS system (not a reinstall but New Installation)
    - Once it came up I only installed the LAN driver for the Intel 10/100/1000 Pro to enable Network and gave it a static IP.

    Now, at this point I did not try to install any of the other Intel drivers or software.  Intel has an "INF driver version for Intel® Desktop Boards" which I had been trying to use.   So now, I still do have a couple unknown devices in the device manager, like PCI-E (not a big deal I don't plan on adding any PCI-E cards)

    Still not exactly what I'd call an acceptable solution.   I'll start shopping for another MB it seems.

    Monday, February 11, 2008 3:21 PM
  • Wonder how I did that? Try this link instead. It's the cheapest board Gigabyte makes right now, if you believe NewEgg. Only 4 SATA ports, but if you want lots of SATA ports, install a cheap SATA card or two.
    Monday, February 11, 2008 7:00 PM

  • Thank you again for the suggestion, Ken.  I ended up going with a Gigabyte GA-G31MX-S2 LGA 775 Intel G31  simply because the one you linked to above only had 10/100 LAN while this G31MX had 10/100/1000.   I also picked up a Promise TX4 SATA PCI card for adding more than the 4 SATA ports on this MB.

    So I rebuilt my WHS with this MB and it was able to recognize all drives as ATA and load all the 2k3 drivers provided by Gigabyte.   Once rebuilt I copied 1TB of data over without a hiccup over a 24 hour period (other than the automatic update reboot it pulled once stopping the transfer).  It also balanced all that data almost immediately.   What a difference!

    Friday, February 15, 2008 1:49 PM