Any alternatives to server backup / workaround for multiple drives? RRS feed

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    My WHS2011 box has 1 x 1TB internal drive and 1 x 1TB external drive for backups.  Both are nearly full, and I'm freeing up a second 1TB drive to use internally.

    Looking into the backup warning, it would seem that you can not run multiple external drives to ensure that all data is backed up - only upsize the one drive.  Whilst I *could* go out and get a 2TB external (although money is a little tight), I can't see this as a future-proof alternative.

    A year down the line, I might have 4 drives in my system.

    For now I've turned off the backing up of client backups to inch the backup process through, but are there any set-and-forget solutions for this around?  I don't really want to be changing drives every week and re-building a backup profile.

    Alternatively, are there any solutions for backing up to a NAS drive?  It would be handy if I could back up to elsewhere in the house.

    Any ideas greatfully appreciated, thank you.

    Thursday, January 5, 2012 9:46 AM