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  • Something that has been irritating me because it's been the cause of a lot of unnecessary e-mail is the forums' alert system.

    I read a thread and place an alert on it.

    At this time I am already aware of the posts that were in the thread at the time I said that I wanted an alert on the thread.

    But then the next day along comes an e-mail caused by the alert I set and when I check out the e-mail I find that it is an alert on a message that I had already read in the thread before I placed the alert.

    Surely your alert system should be able to compare timestamps and only send alerts on posts in a thread that come *after* an alert has been set.

    Mike Walsh

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  • Thanks for the report Mike. This is a good report. Someone else reported something similar a few days ago, but your report sort of confirms there might be some newly introduced problem. How long has this been happening? Sounds like a bug. Does it happen every time?
    Community Forums Program Manager
    Friday, March 12, 2010 6:28 AM

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