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  • I am hoping that someone can help me with my issue.

    I have about 15 years of financial data at the moment that cant be accessed.

    I am running Windows XP and Money 2005 (Money Deluxe V

    I installed Money Sunset but my data did not move across successfully so I uninstalled Money Sunset and reinstalled Money 2005, but now when I try open my data file (located in My Documents) I get the following message:

    "Money will convert your file so that you can work with it in Money"  When I choose the only option of "Next" the conversion starts but the error appears as

    "Money cannot locate "file name" or cannot open it, possible because it is a read only file or you do not have permissions to change it or yor disk drive is write protected.  if you have chosen the correct file [which I did] and it cannot be accessed, you will need to click OK and open your most recent backup file.

    When I try restore from backup, and give the file a new name (so as to not overwrite the previous one incase) and save in My Documents (ticking the synchonise button), I am asked for my password which I enter and then I get the get the same error as above.

    I have also tried a fresh install of the program on a seperate machne (running Windows 7) and tried restroeing from back up which is some months old that was installed on an external HDD.

    Please please please help....  I dont want to have lost 12 years of data with seemling a click of my fingers....

    Thanks so much.


    Tuesday, February 21, 2012 10:59 PM

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  • Is your existing file from Australia or UK? If so, you need to install the appropriate version of 2005. See the link in the sticky post on this forum.

    If your file is from North America, you cannot install Money 2005 that is usable to you. You will need to install Sunset. After you install, copy Sample.mny to your Documents folder, and see if you can open that.

    Did you have a Live ID (Passport) on your file? You will need to disconnect from the Internet to get into your file. Then remove the LiveID.

    Check your disk for a *.m14 file. That may be useful to you.

    Tuesday, February 21, 2012 11:41 PM