Move emails from between Shared Mailboxes based on date RRS feed

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  • Hi all,

    I am trying to move emails from one shared mailbox to another based on date.

    I have run the below but of course the "Search-Mailbox" cmdlet only does 10000 at a time - also this appears to only copy, and not move the emails.

    $Fromdate ="01/01/2017";
    $Todate = "01/01/2018";
    Search-Mailbox $SourceUserName -SearchQuery "$date" -TargetMailbox "$TargetUserName" -TargetFolder "$TargetFolderName" -LogLevel Full

    Can someone please assist? I've tried the New-MailboxSearch option as per below and all it does is create the search, but does not move or copy any emails.

    New-MailboxSearch -Name "Sales AU Archive" -SourceMailboxes 7fb044c9-11b6-4caf-8fa6-e36861eb738a -TargetMailbox dc5173ae-ff39-4902-89f6-b5d166f9ee48 -EndDate "01/01/2018"

    Thanks in advance

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