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  • I am running Outlook 2007 that came in Office Enterprise.  When I had just 3 different email accounts it was checking, everything was running wonderful.  When I added all 12 of my email accounts that access up to 3 different email servers, it took over 15 minutes to download 300 emails.

    In Outlook 2003 I never had this issue.  I typically get 2-300 emails every 10 minutes from all of my accounts combined.  I live by these emails, so downloading them quickly is an issue.  2003 would take all 12 emails accounts I had set up and download over 300 emails in less then a minute without issue or strain on the computer.

    Outlook 2007 seems to make the entire computer non-responsive in cycles as it downloads these emails.  Sometimes I can continue work, sometiems I have to wait.

    I thought this was my OS as I was running XP Pro and maybe Outlook 2007 would run better on Vista Business.  So I installed a clean version of Vista Business on my second machine, moved Outlook 2007 to that machine.  This is a box that has nothing more then Vista Business OS, Office Enterprise 2007 (all updates as well), and Symantec Corporate Anti-virus on it, that is all that is installed.

    I still have the exact same issues.  When I had 2-4 email accounts accessing different email servers it ran fast and wonderful.  When I added all 12 of my email accounts accessing several email servers, it took it to its knees.

    Hardware configurations:
    Box 1
    XP Pro (all updates)
    Asus A8N32-SLI Deluxe MB
    AMD 4200+ 2.2Ghz Dual Core
    3GB Low Latency RAM
    1TB+ HDD's ( 3x320GB SATA II, 1 x 74GB WD Raptor, 1x500GB eSATA)
    Dual nVidia 7900 GT OC 256MB cards in SLI
    GB Ethernet/LAN

    Box 2
    Vista Business (All updates)
    Gateway Machine w/AMD 4200+ Dual Core (2.2Ghz)
    3GB Low Latency RAM
    400GB HDD (1x150GB IDE, 1x250GB IDE)
    GB Ethernet/LAN

    GB Ethernet (routers and switches are all GB Ethernet)

    Verizon FIOS internet connection (18MB down/3MB up)

    I defrag my HDD's nightly on OS drives, weekly on other drives.  OS drives on both computers are kept around 50-60% capacity used and I use the other drives for file storage, etc.

    Is there or will there be a solution for this issue in Outlook 2007?

    Why did Outlook 2003 work perfect and have no issues in downloading hundreds of emails from multiple accounts but Outlook 2007 seems to be crawling once I pass 5 email accounts?


    Wednesday, February 14, 2007 8:18 PM