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  • HDD seems to be dying. If I replace HDD how do I validate Vista Home Premium? Can Vista be downloaded to USB storage drive and can laptop boot from USB? How do I set cmos or whatever to boot from USB? Thanks!
    Monday, March 14, 2011 6:19 AM


  • Vista can not be legally downloaded from any online source. Simply copying the installation files from a bootable disk to a USB drive also won't work as you need to create a bootable drive.  Setting the bios to different boot configurations is listed in the computer's operation manual (and is different for each manufacturer.)

    If Vista came on the computer you had the opportunity to create restore media (DVDs) of the factory installed programs and operating system and may still be able to do so.  If you have not done so I would highly recommend you do so before the hard drive dies totally as once it is dead the restore partition will also be lost.  If it isn't accessible, after reading the manual for your computer, you need to contact the manufacturer and obtain, at nominal cost, a set of restore media. 

    If this was a purchased copy of Vista and you no longer have the original install disk then you probably will be out of luck unless you have the product key and can find someone with an identical product disk which you can copy.  (The product key for a retail full, upgrade or OEM system builder install can be found on the computer by downloading and running Key Finder from www.magicaljellybean.com. This will not find the correct key for an OEM installed by the computer manufacturer.)

    Monday, March 14, 2011 3:18 PM