missing hard drive after install RRS feed

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  • I did a search but didn't find a similar issue.


    Installed whs last night on my secondary box. It has two 80gb ide drives. Install went fine albeit long.


    Once everything was up and running I check my computer and I only show a C sys drive of 20gb and a D data of 54.5gb for a total of 74.5 which is just one physical drive.


    I checked device manager and both physical 80's are there. Then I checked disk manager and I see c and d on the primary drive and I see the other 80 but it has no drive letter assigned.


    I assigned it a letter, E and now it shows up in my computer fine.


    My questions are was there a reason a letter was not assigned during install and was I not supposed to assign it one on my own?

    Saturday, June 16, 2007 4:12 PM


  • Yes,there is a reason there was no drive letter assigned. WHS manages your storage pool, and doesn't require any interaction from the end user (you) in Disk Management to do so. Drives other than the system drive are managed via mount points under C:\FS, not through additional drive letters. Had you followed the installation instructions to the end, you would have disconnected your KVM after completing installation and never noticed that there was no drive letter for your second drive. Smile

    My recommendation would be to do nothing at this point. I can't see the drive letter causing any harm down the road.
    Saturday, June 16, 2007 4:40 PM