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  • Right now, WHS seems like it is basically a file/DR server when it could be so much more. Working off my knowledge of an Information Furnace model, here are some things that I would like to see:

    • Hardware monitoring -since WHS is most likely headless, something like Motherboard Monitor that monitors the health of the server. Things like internal case and CPU temp, Fan RPMs, etc. Ability to set thresholds before an email or SMS is sent to a designated account/phone.
    • VOIP server. I imagine that this would require hardware as well. Value-add would be the ability to monitor and limit/restrict phone usage. Good for families with teens =)
    • FAX server. Would be nice if it worked with the VOIP add-in mentioned above
    • Alarm System integration -ability to monitor/arm/disarm/configure your home alarm remotely
    • Sprinkler control - Set it and forget it. Also could monitor local water policies and only run when watering is allowed/recommeded.
    • AC/Furnace integration -ability to monitor/configure environmental controls remotely
    • Home automation -Something like X11, where you can monitor/configure lights/appliances remotely
    • Refridgerator integration - aren't there fridges now that somehow (rfid?) monitor their contents, and create grocery lists?
    • Policy server - Most of the functionality for this should already be there.
    • Patch server - Self explanatory

    Personally, I would like to see it act as a firewall/proxy as well. I also understand that WHS is currently very user friendly and adding things like this would add a lot of complexity. It isn't beyond MS to create multiple versions of a product, though.

    Saturday, June 16, 2007 8:08 PM

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  • I've read in WHS & MS blogs that stated that many of the Home Automation items you mentioned might be available as add-ins or software add-ins.  I'm no programmer for sure, but these are things I've read about here over the past few months.


    As your stated, WHS is primarily a "home" server for non-tech users to store data, music, photos and provide file and pc backups. Designed to be very easy and user friendly for the most part. Sure, adding things like this would add complexity to the system, but that is ok for those of us willing to take on the challenge. This is a powerful system that has far greater abilities than what it is currently set up for. That is where we all come in to inovate, create and push ideas that can make WHS a great product once it is finally released.


    Good ideas!

    Saturday, June 16, 2007 9:02 PM
  • There's no reason, that I know of, that WSUS wouldn't work
    on WHS to provide patch management. AWSUS add-in would be nice too. Wink
    Saturday, June 16, 2007 9:14 PM
  • Amazing,

    I finally had the time to logon and start a thread on this subject and behold its already done. I have been a home control geek for more years than than I care to admit and after installing WHS I think its the obvious platform to bind all the various systems which do many neat things except work together. Microsoft is one of a handful of companies that have the clout and resources to bring this  all together using WHS. I have been running some type of home controller for many years which interfaces with security, lighting,temperature monitoring and control. I currently use a Circuit Cellar Ink HCS which I built and installed in 1993 and moved it to a home I built in 2000 and the only failure has been a power supply and a few X-10 modules. My wife tells me that when she comes home from my funeral she's bringing an electrician to put in regular light switches.

    Thanks for the post, hope to see more comments.



    Sunday, June 17, 2007 12:42 AM