In My Profile, it shows the points, the posts and the answers. I would like to click on the answer number and get a list of threads RRS feed

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  • Go to My Profile
    Look at my statistics
    Click on the number of answers I have
    Get a list of threads that contain my posts which have been set as the answer.

    Why do I want this?  Well quite often the post marked as answer is marked several days after the post is made.  Sometimes, the wrong post is marked as an answer, sometimes me requesting more information is marked as an answer.  Where these threads don't have a real answer, I want to keep the thread on my alerts, where as the ones that are marked correctly as answers I can choose to drop from My Alerts.

    It would just make my housekeeping a little easier.  Thanks
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    Friday, July 24, 2009 5:12 PM