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  • My display name on MSN keeps changing itself from what I have it set to, to my first name for some reason. I would like to know how to stop this from happening.

    Also, whenever I open Hotmail to check my email now, if someone messages me on MSN Messenger, it brings up a window inside of the Explorer I have Hotmail open in, sort of like Facebook chat. It brings it up (Explorer and all) overtop of everything else I have open and is really quite frustrating when I'm talking to two or more people. I can't check my email at all now without feeling like I want to toss my computer out the window. How do I turn off the chat in Hotmail so that it doesn't interfere with MSN Messenger and inform me that I am now (involuntarily) signed into two places at once. There has to be some serious privacy risks involved with this as well.

    Sorry if this is in the wrong forum I just signed up for this because it's getting unbelievably irritating.

    Edit: I definitely did not post this to the "Suggestions and Feedback for the Forums" forum.. So I don't know why it ended up here. It just said if I have problems with Explorer or other MS products like Windows to post here. So if a mod can move this to the correct forum for a faster reply that'd be great.

    Saturday, August 14, 2010 1:57 AM