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  • Hello everyone.

    I am posting this as a comment just to make sure everyone sees it as peculiar to the issues that arise when you have an eMachine.  It took me one whole year to get this answer.  So, I think the final response from Dan is worth posting as a new thread.  For a semi-complete discussion of the original issue please see thread: "Genuine Windows Offer problems" Here goes:

    "The advice that follows assumes that your eMachines computer came with an original genuine installation of XP Home Edition, and that your eMachines still has the Certificate of Authenticity for XP Home affixed to the computer.


    The thing to remember about your situation is that your computer never "loses its license" to run Windows just because of a defective part, in your case the motherboard.  But, of all the parts that can go bad on a computer, the motherboard creates the highest level of anxiety because for a major manufacturer computer (like your eMachines), the motherboard has to have the right data embedded in it for the manufacturer-supplied recovery CDs to work.  If the motherboard is replaced by a generic motherboard and not an eMachines motherboard, then the CDs won't work anymore.


    So now the question is, what will work to get your original genuine installation of Windows back onto your computer?  The answer is that a genuine Microsoft systembuilder/OEM XP Home CDROM will work.  After backing up your irreplaceable data, a clean installation of XP Home can done with the systembuilder/OEM CD combined with your genuine XP Home Product Key as printed on the genuine Certificate of Authenticity (CoA) affixed to the computer.  Under NO circumstances should you use any other Product Key except your own.


    Once Setup is complete, start the Activation Wizard and then choose Activate my Product by Telephone.  You will first hear the automated system, which will take your many-digit code and then if all is well issue you a many-digit activation code to enter into the Activation Wizard.  If the activation attempt is rejected, you will be given an option to speak with an activation operator--choose this option and answer the operator's questions, which are to determine if you are using your license for XP in accordance with the End User Licensing Agreement (EULA).  Be sure to tell them that you are using a systembuilder CD along with your eMachines Product Key because your defective motherboard had to be replaced and as a result the Recovery CDs won't work.


    The last and perhaps most important question is, OK, so where do I get a genuine Microsoft hologrammed systembuilder/OEM XP Home Edition CD?  Here are some suggestions:


    1.  Ask a friend who has one to loan it to you, or ask them to burn a copy for you.  This is NOT software pirating, since you already have a license for XP Home---the CD is merely the container for the files that make up the OS.


    2.  Visit a local computer shop and ask them to burn a copy from an original.  Expect to pay a small fee to compensate them for their time and trouble.


    3.  Search popular auction sites for genuine XP replacement/No CoA CDROM CDs.  Here is one example that at least by the picture shown looks to be genuine:  http://cgi.ebay.com/Windows-XP-Home-CD-Unopened-NO-COA-Replacement-Disc_W0QQitemZ200108165969QQihZ010QQcategoryZ41887QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

    I think these people were crazy to bid that CD up to $51.51, it's just a CD with no license.


    4.  The above eBay item looks to be the same item that you may be able to order from Micosoft for USD $30 using this form:  http://download.microsoft.com/download/b/a/b/babc90a1-b794-4a94-84f5-cbc37827ddca/americas%20end%20user%20media%20replacement%20form.pdf   The reason why I say "may" is because as I understand it, the form is for those who have a systembuilder/OEM license and not a major manufacturer OEM license.  If you cannot locate a CD any other way, I would try this and see how it goes.


    5.  Under NO circumstances should you try to download an iso for XP CDROM from a P2P file sharing site, or use a second-hand burned copy of an XP CDROM.  These have been shown to be full of rootkits, malware, viruses and who knows what else---you'd be worse off than you are now.  Only accept a burned copy from someone you trust and ONLY if you personally saw it being burned from a genuine hologrammed CDROM."
    That explanation for me was the ultimate.  It answered my questions finally and forever!  I will never buy another eMachine again! 


    Good luck "y'all".


    Tuesday, May 22, 2007 2:12 AM