Suggestion : Please make it possible to move the tabs to where you want them to be at the bottom of your screens RRS feed

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  • When you open up programs and get the tabs at the bottom of the screens, you should be able to move the tabs around to where you like them to be.  For instance. I work in a call centre, and sometimes there are errors and we have to close a program down.   I normally have about 14-15 tabs open at a time for the different applications and programs that we use at work.   I get used to the order of them to make it faster for me.  Here is my issue.   When you have to close one due to some error,  you can not re-open it and put it back in its place on the line at the bottom of the screen.  It automatically goes to the last spot and you can not move it to where you want it to go.    As of now..  your only option is to close all the tabs until you get to the spot you want it to be in and then reload everything back up again.   This takes up time that would be better spent servicing our customers.     Just a suggestion and maybe a commercial someday that says " My Name is Craig Dever and I helped build or design Windows 8... or whichever this would be incorporated into.   Thank-you..
    Thursday, December 10, 2009 4:09 PM