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    I am a small business Owner with 21 employees.  Our needs are far from "enterpirse" or even "medium business".  OneCare is a wonderful tool for our needs and for the very limited resources that we can afford to expend on IT related "time" in our business.  Our daily focus needs to be on conducting "our" business functions and not on management or maintenance of our tools.  We simply do not have the profit cushion nor the free personal time to expend on those functions.


    Being able to quickly see from a OneCare hub what the status of our entire office is would be a tremendous - and I cannot stress this adequately - asset to us.  We currently have five (5) OneCare subscriptions (i.e. 15 installations).  And, will be purchasing at least another if not two.


    We truly "need" the ability to group all our machines into one hub from a simple management/overview perspective.  We do not need the horsepower of the Forefront product but we do really need the management capability of the current OneCare Circle concept extended across all of the licenses/installations that we have.  We would very much like the ability to group our subscriptions into one subscription with the number of licenses (i.e. installations) that we need.  Very much like an a-la-cart purchasing arrangement - i.e. buy one subscription and then buy additional subscriptions or licenses to add to the total count.


    But most importantly, the ability to utilize one hub computer to view our entire "subscribed" or installed base of machines is really "the" time and dollar cost issue from a business perspective.  Anything you can do to permit this "Circle Plus" approach would be most appreciated.....as soon as possible - as we in the small business world are quite used to hearing.....


    Thank you for the product that you have developed to date.  Your efforts are appreciated.

    Wednesday, February 6, 2008 1:39 PM

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  • Thanks for the feedback. I know you aren't alone in this request, as many home users also have more than 3 PCs that they wish to manage from a single hub.



    Thursday, February 7, 2008 2:23 PM

  • so what's the answer Mr. Boots? Can we or can we not add more PCs to our "circle"? I am in the same boat Alauren is in, although I only have 5 PCs. I only spent like $12 on 2 licenses with the rebates and free shipping so I guess I'm not out that much, but I would like to quote part of the ad that sold me on this product.  "....have more than 3 PCs? Simply add another product license key to manage your onecare circle from a single hub PC." That, ofcourse, had to be 2 weeks ago and I've been desperatly searching the history of my comp to try and find that webpage. Along with being frustrated at this onecare for not accepting my other key.
    On another note..this onecare spams out password attempts to the net. It's been doing this ever since I installed it, and I don't have a virus, trojan or spyware, although i did have 307 tracking cookies which never got in with PCCillin. I just couldn't afford the $100 bill to renew but if i can't manage my network from my main PC I guess I may have to bite the bullet.
    Other than that security leak and the lack of networking more than 3 PCs it seems like a solid product. I'm just frustrated.

    Edit:just read the other thread..looks like I could be in for a long wait
    Wednesday, February 13, 2008 3:46 AM
  • At this time, officially, no.

    One subscription per LiveID. 3 PCs per subscription.

    A Circle is defined as all PCs activated with the same subscription, hence the limit of 3.


    Technically, yes. You can add more PCs than 3 to the same subscription, but this violates the terms of the license. Since OneCare communicates with the servers, I can't tell you if the 3 PC limit will be enforced from the server side, causing a client to become unsubscribed or at risk.


    I wish that you could refer me to the web page you're quoting, because that is the functionality we *should* have.


    OneCare doesn't handle tracking cookies - configure this in your browser to not accept 3rd party tracking cookies. In IE this is the privacy settings area.


    OneCare doesn't spam out password attempts. It is looking to see if it can log onto your router with the default admin password. If it fails, it is happy. If it can, it will warn you. Seems a little stupid to me, but that's what it does.




    Wednesday, February 13, 2008 4:20 PM
  • OK,


    Where do we go to help someone there make the adjustment to allow the purchase of additional licenses?  People with PayPal sites can make the change to add a new product in minutes.  We appreciate there has been little advertising as of yet and that 2.0 is a great product that protects without slowing down the computing experience.


    Apparently the technology support groups of larger than 3.  How hard can it be to add the ability to buy more?  Your hence comment makes me feel like you are bored with the need to explain this, so do us a favor and pass the information to someone who see the big picture and can do something about it.


    I am taking the time to write this post, hence it is something someone there should consider or provide me the ability to contact the person who can do something.


    Lo of people will be hungry for this Microsoft technology, they just don't know it, at the very least you can speculate about the future and indicate in your experience how long it might be before we can start putting the tool to work.


    I will say the speed of responses in the forum is above average in my experience.






    Friday, February 15, 2008 12:32 PM
  • Of course, the day you post a complement about speed is the day that I've been away from the forum for almost 24 hours! Thanks for the complement, though.


    No, I'm not bored with providing the response, and yes, I have communicated the desire for an easier way to add licenses to the OneCare team. I don't have direct contacts to marketing, though. I also don't have direct contacts to Billing, and I suspect that the roadblock is Billing.



    Saturday, February 16, 2008 3:23 AM