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  • When I built the server more than a year ago. I had my computers connecting to the server with a numeric simple (6digit)password- 1 password for the pc and a different one for the server. Now I can’t do that no matter what I click during the set up. What the frack has changed? I had to rebuild the server due to a backup server error that crashed the stuff. Could not get anything to rebuild or correct itself. Just got sick of the crap so forced to rebuild it. 6 Terabyte unit. Movies...

    The reason for this is I have 2 pcs – 1 notebook (notebook is my bedroom) and tower pc, both with tuners next to tv’s- notebook also unplugs as needed. I have 2 (numbers only) hand held pc remotes that connect to these PC’s and can do  logons to the media center service.

    On screen keyboarding is nuts, too nuts for this. I use them as media PCs why do I have to have the insane security logon passwords? I can’t use the numeric passwords any more with this new rebuild – this stinks! THE ONE pc DOES NOT HAVE ANY KEYBOARD ON IT – DID NOT WANT IT. Why did this security issue change? I don’t want to put a password on it that is more than numbers, so no keyboard – KIDS!!! DAM_ Why did you blow it? You have no idea how pu’d I am with this. System restarts with updates now I have to go and play this stupid game of a SECURED CRAP PASSWORD to log the kids on. WHY?????>. the kids knew how to push the number buttons on the remote to get it all to work and watch the movies they like. NOW WE GOT TO GO AND DO ALL THIS LOGON crap every time something happens. WHY did you screw this up?

    Remote Power buttons would wake them up or do the real power up – but the password now is screwed. WHY?? Keep it simple otherwise you are sell me junk again!

    How do I get a numeric password to work again? and do the other server logon too?

    Wednesday, March 16, 2011 6:57 PM