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  • There is a need to synchronize database servers (one with Enterprise Edition and other one with express edition).

    Central Database Server - MS SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Edition;

    Local Database Server1 - MS SQL Server 2008 Express Edition (here we will have 1- 10000 local databases which would synchronize with the above mentioned central database)Each local database will have SQL express edition.

    Local Database Server 2, Local Database Server 3, ........Local Database Server 10,....Local Database Server 10000. Each of these local database available at different locations will have to synchronize with one common Central database server.

    All the servers need to synchronize with the Central Database Server and it will be a two way synchronization. 

    On analysis we found that Microsoft Sync Framework will be the ideal sotion to do so. Now the question is which version of Microsoft Sync framework would be advisabe. Whether we should go with Sync Framework 2.1 or Sync Framework 4.0 CTP?

    What will be the precise pros and cons of using either of them when we compare each of them. We were of the notion that we can go ahead with 4.0 CTP but since it is a CTP (Community Technology Preview) version whether there would be any risks involved or 2.1 would server the purpose to do so. We wanted to know the pros and cons of 4.0 CTP and the limitations of 2.1 version for the synchronization purpose. Please guide as we have not used sync framework before

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  • first, there is no 4.0 CTP and there is no 4.0 coming out anytime soon. what used to be the 4.0 CTP was released as the open-source Sync Toolkit.

    The Sync Toolkit (and 4.0 CTP) are built on top of 2.1

    The Sync Toolkit is primarily targeted for clients who can't have the full install of the Sync Framework SDK such as SilverLight, Windows Phone 7, iPhone, HTML5 etc.

    2.1 should suffice for what you intend to do.

    Wednesday, February 1, 2012 2:49 PM
  • Hi June,

    Thanks a lot for your inputs. I was wondering whether you can direct me to a link of microsoft, where it has been mentioned about Sync tool kit , 4.0 CTP and 2.1 versions in brief. It would be really helpful and prudent enough while expressing the same at our forum.

    Then there is no major difference between the 4.0 CTP and 2.1 except for the fact that 4.0 CTP is platform independent and 2.1 is for windows based platform. Thereby 4.0 allows creation of offline applications on any platform which is not in the case of 2.1

    Hence 2.1 has the capability to synchronize two database servers using two different versions ( here for example central database using MS SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Edition and Local databases using MS SQL Server 2008 Express Edition).


    Thursday, February 2, 2012 7:02 AM
  • check out the announcements at the top of this forum: http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-TT/synclab/threads

    with regards to 4.0 CTP and/or Sync Toolkit, it's still wrong to state that it's platform independent. The service side component remains to be tied up with MS. In fact, the client side and the server side are using different licensing. The 4.0 CTP/Sync Toolkit "platform independent"  part is on the client-side where you can actually write your own custom offline provider to talk to the service side.

    the 2.1 providers can sync between SQL Compact, SQL Server, SQL Express, and SQL Azure.
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