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    In our environment, we have set up an email support@mycompany.com to receive support related questions. In CRM, a queue has been set up for this email address.


    CRM rules engine itself requires an email mailbox for storing emails. In our case, this is set to crmadmin@mycompany.com.


    This is what I understand on how emails are processed:


    1. An email arrives at support@mycompany.com. Exchange Server receives it and stores it under "support" mailbox.
    2. CRM rules engine picks this email and moves it (is it moving or copying?) to "crmadmin" mailbox.
    3. CRM rules engine now picks up the email from "crmadmin" mailbox and copies it to CRM SQL Server database (under the specified queue).
    4. CRM engine deletes the email from "crmadmin" mailbox.

    Is this correct?


    Some more questions:

    1. Ultimately, the data resides in SQL Server. Why then is an intermediate mailbox "crmadmin" needed at all? Why can't the engine simply copy the data directly into SQL Server? Is this some performance optimization?
    2. I just looked at the mailboxes from Exchange System Manager. I see 639 items under "support" mailbox and 238 items under "CRMAdmin" mailbox. For the past few hours, we haven't received any emails on support. Why are there any messages at all in these mailboxes? I would think the CRM engine must clean up the mailbox after the processing is completed.
    3. Is it okay to delete these messages?

    I would appreciate it if you could answer whatever questions you can.


    Thank you in advance for your help.






    Wednesday, November 28, 2007 10:55 PM


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