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  • Something in the most recent updates has an issue with Media Center or Kaspersky.  I am not certain which but once it installs it causes the machine to freeze on startup.

    Additionally this is one of those updates that installed itself without asking me if I wanted it.  How can this be turned off completely?  I have already taken steps to disable this machine from contacting Microsoft or running any update programs for Windows via the firewall and system management software I have.

    Frankly this is ridiculous.  This is a business machine and having my OS decide to install an update and restart itself without any notification or an option to stop the install is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE.  If I could operate the software that I need to run on an different OS I would fire Microsoft immediately over nonsense like this.

    i too face this kind of problem. What the ____ microsoft doing against Windows XP. Do they feel that throught out the XPcompletely. I have little doubt in that.
    Sunday, September 13, 2009 9:34 PM


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