Customize a default user interface for hosted Live Meeting 2007 RRS feed

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  • For the first time, we are going to use a hosted Live Meeting service from Microsoft to host one of our LIVE online webinar workshops for 1200 leads. Our webinar consists of powerpoint slides, live video, VOIP audio only. But we would also like to incoporate use of the Streaming Media Custom Pane. The Streaming Media Custom Pane would be used to display a custom web banner with links that open a new window to instantly schedule an appointment, contact us know, or learn more. We have learned the success of doing this from many years of doing events like this.
    We will be using VOIP only to listen in to the websinar so our participants will need to install the full Live Meeting Client thus also eliminating the url links you can add to the bottom near the footer. 
    Here is my question: When a participant joins our webinar they are presented with the video and Streaming Media Custom Pane as floating windows. I can see how participants are going to be very confused by this. We should be able to dictate/customize the default layout we would like our participants to see initially. We should have the ability to automatically dock these items on the left as well as rename the Streaming Media Custom Pane to something other than "Other".
    Is there any solution for me by our first event next week?
    Wednesday, June 24, 2009 5:33 PM