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  • The following appears in this forums FAQ
    Q. It appears that SyncToy does not synchronize certain system files. Is this expected?
    A. The only system files that SyncToy 2.0 does not synchronize are the Thumbs.db and Desktop.ini files and then only if these files are marked with the System AND Hidden attributes. This was a specific feature request we received from many users of SyncToy 1.4 and it seems to provide a better user experience because these two system files are local settings/cache files that do not make sense to replicate to the destination folder. =======================================================
    My testing shows that IRRESPECTIVE of the attribute settings (Hidden & System) these files are NEVER copied from source to destination.

    I can appreciate their exclusion if SynchToy is being used to keep two systems (e.g. desktop and laptop) "data aligned". But if the "echo" configuration is being used then it makes no sense at all sense to discard these files - especially desktop.ini.

    Desktop.ini contains data about the folder (metadata), these files are created as the result of some specific user action on a specific folder, usually via the use of 3rd party shell enhancements. Details of what might be found in a desktop.ini are here http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc144102%28VS.85%29.aspx.

    Just because some early users did not want this data copied should not mean that today's users should have to suffer the consequence of their ignorance. You could have at least provided the option to include the files - especially when the "echo" configuration is being used.

    And, you also don't copy folder Comments etc - what's your rationale on that, some other user didn't like them.

    Just because Windoze property sheets don't show things like folder comments and ADS's does not mean they don't exist. Yes folders can have ADS's too - type "notepad :mytext.txt" and you'll create and be able to edit the "mytext.txt" data stream for the folder!.

    Then of course there are the issues surrounding features like hardlinks and junctions - but we wont go there - yet.

    Does anyone know of a synch tool that does copy EVERYTHING for a folder -- hidden files, system files etc, in other words a FAITHFUL replica of a folder's contents, and one that includes ALL folder properties such as Comments and Alternate Data Streams

    Everything I've tried suffers these same shortcomings - can they all be wrong you my well ask - you betcha say I - we all once thought the universe revolved around us - we were all wrong on that one too.
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