On PostBack Page_Load event is not calling if Gridview having more than 85 rows RRS feed

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  • Hello Microsoft,

    We have a Scenario, In which we are using 3 Grid View such that selection of data in 3rd grid view depends on 2nd and Records in 2nd Grid View Depends on 1st .

    after data is loaded in 3rd Grid View, If post back occur(Say on Change in index in drop down or Image button is clicked) that time Page is not getting loaded(Page_Load is not getting fired.) and GenericErrorPage.htm page is loading with 404  Status(Page not found).

    While debugging i found that, Global Variables are getting initialized but none of event are getting fired not even Init at same time if we are having less than 85 Records then post back is working fine.

    Also, Same Application if we Run on Different machine that time its running fine with out any problem for 500+ records.

    Kindly Provide your assistance .


    Kanav Sharma

    Monday, August 12, 2013 7:31 PM