Feature request(s): Allow re-ordering of images in structured panoramas or even "puzzle" arrangement RRS feed

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  • I said it earlier, but I repeat: ICE is great.

    There is one feature I would really like to see thought: the structured panorma is nice if you have all images acquired in a strictly periodic manner, however, if only one image of the series is missing, or if the file numbering went wrong, you can't arrange it at all. It would be so easy (-in manner of speaking-) to allow the user to drag-drop images between the grid-positions to reorder to what the user knows is the correct arrangement. Why not allow for that?

    And then there is the usecase where people come with many images which might not perfectly overlap or fit - such that the fully automatic routine fails - but still are reasonable "arrangable" by eye. Wouldn't a kind of semi-manual "arrange thumbnails roughly" be helpful for the routine? I'd call it "puzzle mode" - the users arrange the thumbnail images roughly in the right way (overlapping or not) to specify the relation of the images to each other, but from there on the automatic routine takes over. Like in "structured" mode it doesn't need to correlated all images with all others to find its way, it can utilize this addtioinal, user imposed information.

    Friday, March 15, 2013 3:28 PM