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  • hello,

    can ypu help me find solution to my problem.  i have windows XP professional SP2 installed in my desktop but i doubt its a pirated cd used by the pc technician.  now my cousin send me original / license windows xp professional sp2 cd from japan.   when i tried to installed in my pc i cannot understand it because its japanese text.  i tried to installing the pirated XP cd, and input the original PRODUCT KEY of the CD coming from japan, but it didnt accept.  instead it accept the product key of the pirated CD.  what will i do now?  please help me, i want to have a genuine CD installed in my pc thats why i ask my cousin to send me one from japan.  is it possible to use this cd (japanese) to my computer?  please help.


    Tuesday, May 6, 2008 8:45 AM


  • kupzs,


    If you still have your product key from your genuine copy of XP, you can try to use the Product Key Update Tool to add the good key to the pirated XP software and this tool will check the XP software to confirm that no binaries have been modified/tampered. If there have been modifications, the tool will not work and in this case you would need to reinstall the

    genuine XP software and the genuine XP key.


    You can attempt to change the key using the Product Key Update tool below. The Genuine Advantage Product Key Update Tool is only valid for users attempting to change their current non-genuine Product Key to a genuine COA sticker or genuine Product Key – all without a reinstall! http://www.microsoft.com/genuine/selfhelp/PkuInstructions.aspx?displayLang=en


     Note: This is provided no core system files are corrupted. If they are you will need to complete a clean install of your system.           


    If your original XP was for Japanese language,  you cannot use that XP product key on another XP software of a different language because it will not work.


    So depending on the status of the machine and whether or not the Product Key update tool works, you might and or might not have to reinstall the original XP software with the original product XP key.


    I hope this has helped!


    Lori MS



    Friday, May 9, 2008 9:25 PM