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  • Need to back up and protect 5 computers on a business network. Backup drive is a shared Iomega Rev drive in one of the computers.


    1)Can I backup 5 computers to one location assuming adequate space on the drive? I can create folders on the drive for each computer's backup so they stay seperate. I want to be able to leave all the computers on on a Tuesday night and have them all backup on a schedule overnight.

    2)If I buy the three license start pack plus two more will I be able to centrally manage all five machine's backup, AV, etc from one location?

    3)Does the backup work like an imaging program or like a file based backup?

    4)Is there bare metal restore?

    5)How does the parental controls/ family protect thing work? Is it a program running on the hard disk or does it run through Microsoft's servers or whatever? Can I monitor several computer and get reports on them from one of the computers?

    Thanks, this will help me decide


    Friday, March 28, 2008 6:46 PM


  • Hi, Steve.

    I'm not familiar with the business licensing pack that is being offered to some resellers, so I can't answer about the licensing. I can tell you that the retail copy is for 3 PCs, meaning you'd need 2 subscriptions with 2 different LiveIDs.

    However, any combination of subscriptions and computers can backup to the same external drive, as long as that drive is Shared for all users having rights to change files.

    Each backup set will be uniquely named within the backup folder, so they can go to the same place.

    Backup in OneCare is file based and selection of files is per file type. Programs are never backed up. No files from

    %system%  or %program files% will ever be backed up, even if they are data files - these locations are excluded.

    There is no bare metal restore. If that, and full image backups of up to 10 PCs are what you want, you may want to look at Windows Home Server. http://www.microsoft.com/windows/products/winfamily/windowshomeserver/default.mspx You would still need security on the client PCs, but you can use OneCare and disable backup in OneCare, deferring to the full image backup done in WHS.

    There are no parental controls in the main Windows Live OneCare program. Windows Live OneCare Family Safety is a free program, downloaded from http://get.live.com It installs on the PC and it communicates with the server. You can get reports from users for multiple PCs as it is LiveID based. You do not need to be running Windows Live OneCare to use Family Safety.




    Saturday, March 29, 2008 2:21 AM