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  • Hello Everyone.

    Yesterday night I was on a website that I was not too familiar with. However,it was recommended by a friend and I had asked how long they had used the website and if they ever had any problems with it -I try to be very careful.

    [the website is anilinkz.com]

    well,the website is like a streamed video site - like you tube or so.

    About 30 minutes later,still browsing the site, Three more pages related to the site popped up in my tray down a the bottom, then disappeared.

    almost immediately after that,I received a warning from "Microsoft firewall" that there was a threat trying to invade my PC and that although it was blocked ,I should download software to eliminate the threat entirely.

    I was with my friend at the time,and he warned me not to trust it. The options " Keep Blocking" and " unblock" were shadowed out and unavailable for me to click. However,it had a third option that I personally had never seen before titled
    " Enable Protection"

    I didn't click it,and just closed the box and began a system scan with AVG.

    AVG found no threats and I restarted my computer shortly after. In the morning, I turned my PC back on,and I'm still getting the warning. I dowloaded the free trail of "OneCare" and it actually found the issues and said that it had removed and quarentined the threats.

    I was relieved....untill I got the warning from firewall again,three times after [and still,as I type this]. I defragmented my hard disk, ran another scan,and it still says not threats are found.

    I use Firefox browser, and Yahoo AT&T browser, and yet Yahoo browser fails to stay loaded. After I click the browser to open it, I get " This page cannot be displayed " and it closes itself.

    Firefox requires multiple attempts for it to not do the same. I realized one of the pages it was trying to load said something refferring to the page being at high risk? It was so fast to dissapear,I barely got a read on what it actually said, I apologize, so I clicked the windows firewall option on the page and recieved links to this site and other supposed helpful stuff.

    I do honestly believe that One Care got rid of the threats...so..is it possible I need to reconfigure somethng in my Windows Firewall??

    Sorry for my lengthy explination, I try nt to leave any detals out.

    Please and thankyou for any assistance I might recieve.
    Sunday, December 7, 2008 6:10 PM


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