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  • Last monday my Scaleo Homeserver arrived and I'd like to share my first impressions.


    The installation process was simple, you plug in the device and it starts configuring itself. You'll have to wait a while before you install the connector software. In the meantime I was checking the manual whether I really only needed to install the connector and be done.


    Although the software claimed to be updating itself it did not install PP1, I had to start that manually. For some reason it wanted to install IE7. I declined that, whats IE7 doing on a server?


    After the upgrade to PP1 had been finished the connector software needed to be reinstalled. When installing the software warned me that it might contain a virus and advised me not to install. I assumed that it didn't know the scaleo wake up tray icon and bolty went forward.


    Backing up my new Vista desktop PC went smoothly, as I'd expected. Backing up the XP laptop failed. Had to run the checkdisk utility. Required reboot and didn't find any errors. Added more options, required reboot and after a lot of inspecting and fixing by the utility I successfully performed a backup. Phew. I'm glad I know computers and knew what I was doing. Maybe it is a good idea offer the user to run a check on installation, otherwise the backup fails in the middle of the night.


    The power management utility of the Scaleo works, but that it it. The scheduling is a bit primitive. You can only define an uptime and set it to recurring. You can't make an exception and it doesn't allow you to change the 00:00-06:00 uptime, even though I told the server to backup between 18:00 and 06:00. I've briefly checked the Lights Out plug in and I'll give it a try. I think the Lights Out plug in or something like that should come standard.


    I then copied all my pictures and ripped CDs to the server's dedicated folders. I'm still afraid to remove them from the original computers, so I'm double checking with WinDiff. Part from the installation could be to offer the user to migrate pictures and music from the well known locations to the server.


    The server comes preinstalled with TwonkyMedia server, but I doubt that it is configured correctly. It did not see any of my media and I had to tweak the .ini file to allow web configuration on port 9000 and then I was able to tell the server where the default locations are (duh!). Even so, when I use Media Player 11 to connect it doesn't show cover art and claims I've only made pictures in 2003 and 2008. I wanted to buy a digital frame with WiFi support, but I don't think it will all play nicely with each other, so I'll postpone that for a while. The true digital home is still some time away.


    The Scaleo Wake up Icon on the XP box rembers correctly that it can wake up the server, but the Vista installation forgets after each reboot and claims it doesn't know any server.


    Backing up in the night works fine for the desktop PC, but the PC doesn't get powered down afterwards. I don't know whether that is a connector problem or a configuration problem of my PC as the power management does not hibernate the PC too.


    The laptop has been backed up when it was in use at the evening. It nicely displays a message that a backup is starting and it doesn't seem to interfere much. In about 20 minutes it is finished. As the activity was mainly browsing the 'net not much files were getting modified, but I'm not sure what happens if you are for example using access or compiling a computer program.


    Overall, it works but it is not glitch free.

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