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  • Hey folks, just got accepted to the beta a couple of days back. I just got my first successful attempt running Smile


    Had a couple of abortive trys using a mini itx epia board as a basis but lack of floppy drive support finally brought the initial idea to an end and nearly resulted in the PC being installed in the garden via the window Smile


    A rethink means I now have a socket 478 Celeron on a mini itx intel 865 based board using sata 1 controllers and a sata 2 500gb samsung drive with 512mb ddr 400 ram and a gigabit ethernet card plugged into a gigabit network, which is where most of my pcs are, this in turn is hooked into an 802.11n adsl router for my internet and access to one other PC and my laptop. Oh, almost forgot, and my media center PC in the living room as well Smile


    It goes without saying more drives are imminent til storage exceeds 2tb.


    So far everythings great and dare I say it I'm very impressed, although I'm leaning towards suggesting 2 versions of WHS, the current one and an "advanced" version for those of us who just cant help ourselves Big Smile


    All this gets me to thinking, in the future I may want to up the power of the PC, new mobo and CPU, more ram, faster sata controllers etc. and my question is this : How tolerant is WHS to major hardware alterations/upgrades?


    I appreciate most machines will be prebuilt boxes and things are focused such to make it simple for novices but what about those of us who are simply compelled to dismantle and rebuild on a regular basis for no good reason lol.

    Tuesday, April 24, 2007 12:42 AM

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  • Some of what you are asking about is addressed in this post of mine.


    You will lose your backups and user account settings if you do a reinstallation of your primary drive from one hardware setup to another. That was what I experienced when I upgraded from WHS beta2 to WHS CTP and introduced new hardware.


    I am currently at a standstill in my effort to upgrade my primary drive from an IDE PATA to a SATA, as WHS doesn't give you the capability to designate the installation drive.

    Tuesday, April 24, 2007 1:20 AM
  • I see this as a critical feature based on the market this product is pointed towards.  Consumers will be more reluctant to upgrade or move to a new version of software/hardware if all that they have setup/gotten working is left at the curb.  The term server is already an intimidating word in the eyes of the average consumer.  As a consumer with an administrators background and history I also see this as an issue as I keep my hardware current and upgrade/transition my home network/home server from a simple network setup to an integrated smart home network for the future home I am building.  I see the progression of this product and market going from the simple network services we are talking about today to becoming the hub of a fully integrated home network/AV/smart home solution so the upgrade path and how that occurs seems very relevant and important.
    Tuesday, April 24, 2007 2:48 PM