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  • Regarding: Bing for Partners – Custom Search API, Maps API, Speech API, Translator API


    Note: Edward K of Windows Dev Center suggested that I contact you with this question. Although Edward suggested Bing Maps Support, my question also has to do with Custom Search API, Speech API, and Translator API. If you do not know the full answer, perhaps you can suggest additional link(s).


    We are a Microsoft Developer who will be releasing an extensive UWP Xamarin Windows 10 C# App very soon. We would like to take advantage of the Bing APIs. Our question has to do with licensing and pricing.


    If I build an API subscription key into my App, will I be charged for transactions created by my customers? Is there a way to setup the App such that customers pay for their own Bing API usage?


    Is there a way to build these APIs into my App without getting involved in payment for Bing API usage?


    Thank you,


    Steve Howard

    Amador Software, LLC

    Thursday, October 19, 2017 5:33 PM

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  • Hi Steve,

    None of the technologies you mentioned are on topic in the Developing Universal Windows apps forum. 

    For help with Xamarin please post in the Xamarin forums on http://forums.xamarin.com .

    For help with the various Bing API please see the Bing Developer Center at https://www.bing.com/partners/developers . Look for the communities tab under each specific API for links to appropriate forums for technical questions about those API.

    For licensing questions look for contact such as (from https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/maps/create-a-bing-maps-key ):

    Buy an Enterprise License

    The Enterprise Key is for consumer applications and internal commercial applications that do not qualify for limited free use.

    For information about Enterprise Key map maker licensing options, email us at maplic@microsoft.com.

    While I can't speak specifically to these API or how payments work, in general API charges are based on the app ID and paid by the author. You could then pass these charges on to your customers by your own subscription, etc. fees. You may be able to ask the user to create their own app ID and then enter that into your app to have the app call the API as the customer. So long as the API doesn't require app specific configuration on the back end that would work from a technical sense. You'll also want to go over the license agreements to make sure your usage is compliant.

    Thursday, October 19, 2017 7:55 PM