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  • I was thinking of something the other day and thought i'd toss the idea here. What do you think?

    There are two reasons to vote up posts:

    1. To help identify good content.
    2. To gives kudos to a poster of a helpful reply.

    These are not the same thing, nor do they apply the same way.

    • Good content merely needs identification, so one point is usually enough; Kudos have no limit.
    • Good content may be proved incorrect, and thus should be downvoted as well; Kudos are for the effort, not the content.
    • Good content recognition is obviated when it becomes an answer (which has its own recognition); kudos are separate from being the answer.
    • Good content recognition does not thank the poster's attitude; kudos do.

    I have been assuming the "vote as helpful" means the reply is helpful (as opposed to the poster), which leaves me wanting a way to thank a poster for good effort. A few times i have voted a post as helpful and also posted a reply expressing gratitude.

    This may be a bit much, but i would almost want to see two separate vote boxes. One for the post and another for the poster. Having two votes boxes next to each other, however, would be confusing, intrusive, tiring, and probably abused. I think i just want a way to identify good posters.

    The obvious answer is that's what points are for. To me, points identify activity. Well, the new point system does address this, but it rewards frequent posters of answers, as opposed to those otherwise helpful posters.

    Just some thoughts which i am not quite clear on myself. But i thought i'd share. :)

    Friday, February 10, 2012 1:54 PM

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  • And who decide if it is good?

    The reply which is wrong, but understood by the original poster because it is in line what the beginner is doing and he/she wants to hear that? 

    The reply which is very correct and in fact how something should be done, but the answer is completely not understood by a beginner who asks the question? 

    Helpfull votes are in my not related to this decission, any post can be helpful which has in fact nothing to do with the answer itself for others.

    Be aware there is nothing against writting a thank you message in addition to a vote as helpfull, that stimulates many persons more than to get points.


    Sunday, February 12, 2012 1:04 PM
  • I do agree that kudos and identifying good content is not the same in general, but in this case it is:
    - I wouldn't give kudos to a post which hasn't good content. 
    - I wouldn't identify a post as "has good content" and at the same time denying the poster kudos. :)

    In fact the only time these two are not entwined, would be a post with good content, but the poster has a bad attitude. This happens (at least in my experience) very rarely and i wouldn't think we need an extra button for that.
    And if you feel the need to express your special gratitude or appreciation for someone, i think its not to much to ask to put that in words. Its much more rewarding for the target of your appreciation anyway. :)

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    Hilf mit und markiere hilfreiche Beiträge als "Hilfreich" und Beiträge die deine Frage ganz oder teilweise beantwortet haben als "Antwort".

    Tuesday, February 14, 2012 4:57 PM