on my home lap top....security settings are not working...checked fire wall settings...learned im running on advanced fire wall name of pc FARHAD-PC.whats that RRS feed

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  • As the title subject is long it pretty much in a nut shell says what my CONCERN is.  For a few months now the fire wall on my PC has been ok i thought but for sure the security center is not working it says i don't have authorization to change. I tought this is a problum, because if I (the only use of this older computer) who does.  I keep turning off remote access to computer and somehow it keeps turning it self back on. can it do that?  I have a sony viao with windows vista home premium. my PC orginally bought at staples in SC in 06' (i know long time ago) got taken and never returned. The one im using no is a compilation of a bunch of older files etc. I run on a 32 bit but there is 86bit iteams i've noticed and wonder hows that possible. Is there 2 systems installed. And better yet WHO THE HECK IS FARHAD-PC????  Who installed the or how did the windows firewalll advanced get installed when all that is needed is the regular one?

    Just FYI all my life (and I'm not that young) every computer I use either crashes to unreapired state of has been borrowed or lost.  The problum currently is I don't wan't any one or an thing to access my computer (name is Gift-PC) anymore. How can this be prevented. I had google internet explorer bing and yahoo as internet acces points, one day they had all but one disapeared, the one left to access is google. I cant even seem to install them again why?

    I havent done anything to make this happen.  I don't know enough to make it happen. I'm a college student at Fullerton college and previously at saddleback college.  

    My name is Amy Rose Schechter 

    had closed down and under investigation previous accounts so now my only Microsoft and g mail (gmail had to open recently for a class) are the only 2 emails.  

    Fullerton college email which has been non functioning with no scholl administrative assistance i've sought for a year. Things go out nothing comes in th in bound has been redirected by an administrator (obviously not me) along with th saddleback email which has 1000 plus unchecked emails. 

    My old Microsoft account was xxxxxx, and xxxxxx

    old gmail was xxxxxx (and someone else created xxxxxx at some

    point with unauthorized access to passwords, my library teacher told me about it.)

    my AOL account xxxxxxx  was what i set up come to find out last year that xxxxxx was the account set up access name and someone had been using this account for years denounced to me.

    I use to have a yahoo account 1 older 1 created 2 years ago one is closed and under investigation the other is a ? cause I've forgotten my pw and un.

    My contact number is xxxxxx

    my best emails are once again 



    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx   (which has already been reset by google because someone in west Virginia, Wyoming, and Sacramento ca tried to access but were unsuccessful to get in no pw authorization. 

    its really strange since I grew up in pacific grove ca till 87'

    then my Mom moved me to San Clement ca orange county where i still reside.  I know no one in west Virginia or Wyoming or even Sacramento for that case.

    What would you do if you were me?

    PS I've also had problums with phone numbers voice mails and the such.  I have all imei numbers account numbers and phone serial numbers, a big stack of them. 

    The number now is an ATandT wirles home phone account with no voice mail text messaging or data. Someone still keeps turning the data connection on that line and kep calling and permenatly blocking it it should be blocked now. 

    Crazy I know but what do you do when your voice mails are being accessed and who knows what before you have a chance to checkem and save or delete them. You cancle the voice mail thats what you which also by the way keeps getting uncancled too. AHHHHH

    Thats why when I noticed FADRAH-PC and this web site pop up, I'd better seek technical direction.

    May your day be as sexy as you feel.

    Amy Rose Schechter 

    Saturday, November 7, 2015 11:00 PM