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  • I'd like to propose a couple of features in light of the recent messup with points.

    1.  Add a column for Users labeled "Voted Helpful" and show how many of their posts have been voted helpful.
    2.  Have "Propose as Answer" work like voting, rather than binary, let multiple people choose the same answer as the proposed best answer.
    3.  Don't allow users to Vote for or Propose their own posts (I think this is current behavior).
    4.  Don't let originator chose his own post as the best answer (to avoid abuse).  But let him propose it as the best answer.
    5.  Let the Moderator choose the best answer for the originator, including the originator's own post if that's the best answer.  The moderator would not do this unless the thread has been inactive for some amount of time.
    6.  Add a column for thread summary under My Threads (or when looking at a specific user's threads) called "points awarded" showing how many points the user in question received from the thread.  For example, if you are looking at user xalnix (or if I'm reviewing my own threads), and xalnix has posted to a particular thread twice and has been voted helpful on either of those posts twice, then the column would show 14 (2x2 + 2x5).
    Friday, July 11, 2008 12:39 PM

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