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  • Dear All,

    I need to clarify the following issues.

    1.Identify the region to focus based on past and current lead trend.

    2.How to facilitate the root cause analysis for orders lost

    3.How to monitor the effectiveness of account executives.

    4. How to implement incentive of sales person and commission of dealers must be taken care as per predefined formula.


    I would be very happy if anybody send information about this.


    Thanks & Regards, Sudhakar
    Tuesday, February 22, 2011 7:44 PM


  • as with your other questions these are fairly high level business process analysis and/or selection criteria.  Again, I highly recommend you involve a qualified partner/consultant in your discussions.  A partner will likely do most of this for you free of charge with the expectation of making a sale/commission.

    1 and 3 are decision support system/business inteligence questions.  You can likely leverage some of the reports in CRM or the visualizations, browse through what's there and see if any get close.  You can always develop more and customize as needed.  You'll also need to take care that the required inputs are present (i.e. do you have lead source or region information to identify those trends).  Don't forget to define the key performance indicators you are looking for too, one person or organizations definition of "effectiveness of account executives" can differ greatly from the next.

    2 I'd add attributes to incident, open a new incident for each "lost order" and then select from a variety of picklist driven root causes.  Relate the incident back to the order it belongs to and develop a custom report or reports to show individual causes or trends.  You'll need a great deal more discovery here though.

    4 I keep comm management out of CRM but that's just me.  You mentioned in another question that you want to tie to ERP, why not keep your commissions module there.  It likely already has one.

    I'll repeat but I think it bears it, get involved with a partner/consultant.  There are not development questions, they are eval criteria and or high level diagnostic research.

    Tuesday, February 22, 2011 9:08 PM