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  • I was looking to purchase a new Surface for my daughter to use in a Graphics Design major. I researched and talked with many industry professionals for requirements etc.   I called Microsoft to ask some questions. Sales was unable to tell me how much RAM a Surface can be upgraded to (they knew it was offered in 8 and 16mb RAM but not what max was).   I asked the online customer support person and was transferred to Tech Services.   TS opened a new discussion window.

    Tech Services, Maria B., was very unhelpful.  She kept telling me the website had the info but would not tell me what it was.  Insisted on showing me the site on my computer - thus she requested access to control my computer (an HP btw). I was stupid and allowed her just so I could show her how wrong she was.  Which was true since she was unable to show me, then gave me a phone number that went no where (rang 10 times then a busy signal, tried it 5 times).

    It was at this point that I started to fill out a Microsoft survey about my experiences.  I clicked on #1 (poor) and suddenly Maria took my cursor and changed it to 5.   I changed it back to 1 and she then closed the entire survey window.   I complained and told her explicitly not to change anything on my computer, I said you no longer  have  any rights or authority.  Leave my computer alone.  Upon which she claimed that she was sorry and it was an accident.  I said no, it was on purpose since you first changed the response rating.  And to stop all activity.  I started to copy and paste our transcript into a word doc for my files.

    Well, Maria B went on to close the transcript window, the other manager's dialog window I had open (it was still active since I was also talking on that line), and any and all documentation I had started to created for my records.  She actually was deleting my files off my computer.  That is a crime.  Especially after I told her to stop.

    Do not trust Microsoft Tech Support.  I registered a complaint but they were suddenly "unable to retrieve the exchange".  I wanted to get info to buy a computer and instead Microsoft tech support committed a crime against me. 

    Tuesday, December 6, 2016 9:20 PM

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