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  • I'm going to try to keep this concise. I am not a developer, I started learning to code about 8 months ago. I build websites and applications. I stared with visual studio 2015, and it was like using a microscope to hammer nails. Yes it did the job, but it was way more than I needed to start. Over the last year I have learned to use more of it's features and tools. But it's still way more machine than I need or can use at this point in my learning curve. Over the past year I've had a few issues with it. I have been able to solve those issues by reading the forums, and going to web for fixes and work around etc .One time I had to un-install and reinstall the entire program. That being said...

    This week Visual Studio malfunctioned and produced and error that prevented me from saving any file. Then the same error prevented me from closing the program. I had to use the task manager to close it. I could not find any one with the same issue so no fix or work around was available. I tried updating. There were two updates that successfully loaded. That did not help. I tried the repair from control panel programs. That did not help. I tried un-installing Visual Studio and reinstalling. That did not help.

    I decided that what I wanted to do was to make a move that I wanted to do for sometime. I have a duel boot with linux ubuntu 16.04lts . I install vs code. I read that it was a fast code editor with some of the functions of Visual Studio. That sounded like a great move for me.I installed it on my machine. I rarely have any issues with the ubuntu os. Well vs code wrecked my machine.

    It's billed as lightweight and it is, but out of the box it's useless to me. I have a project I am right in the middle of, but no php or javascript without finding and downloading and making statement in the user settings. Okay fine. But the the node and other stuff I had to install crashed my ubuntu os and now I am to do a complete system restore. I have literally lost the whole week of work and I am not happy.


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