I want to downgrade from Windows Mobile 6.5 to Windows Mobile 6.5 RRS feed

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  • I have HTC Touch Pro 2, which have windows mobile 6.1 installed by default but it is upgradable to windows mobile 6.5, when windows mobile 6.5 was rleased i downloaded the official ROM for my phone from HTC official website and installed it on my phone and this has turned my life upsided down.

    Windows mobile 6.5 is the worst windows mobile ever, I have tons of issues that renders my phone not usable, I have been working in the software industry using Microsoft products for the past 12 yrs, but i have never seen an unreliable software as windows mobile 6.5, i will list below just some of the issues I face:

    1- The performance is extremly bad, whenever i click on a program to open like for example the contacts this may take more that 1 minute to open, yes more than 1 minute (60 seconds)
    2- I cannot do two consecuative actions on my phone without the phone hangs and I had to soft reset the phone.
    3- When i soft reset the phone it take a lot of time to restart, and by a lot of time i mean more than 6 minutes.
    4- Suddenly the sounds in my phone stopped working and I had to soft reset the phone again to rstore this and after a while the phone because muted again and i had to soft reset this again.
    5- while in the stand by mode, the phone hands and I missed a lot of phone calls without even knowing who calls me unless when asking people themselves.
    6- Push mail is not consistance, sometimes i find out that i have not been recieving emails for a while, and when i check active sync, i found it not connected, and i have to rconnect maniually.
    7- The battery information stopped working on WM 6.5, th last full charge, it always display Not applicable, inspite it was working on WM 6.1 and i tested the time duration it reports many times and it was correct.
    8- The push internet is not working at all
    9- The weather component is not updating automatically, inspite I set it to update automatically.
    10- trid not to installed any applications on my mobile after the hard reset but this doesn't make any difference related to the performance.
    11- I have to hard reset my phone every 3 months, to avoid the phone hanging every couple of minutes.

    Guys, I'm very disappointed in fact, I have never seen a performance as such even in the beta tested software, how come you cannot catch any of this issues in your testing scenarios, specially that thay are all reproduicable issues!

    I know this is a shared responsibility between Microsoft and HTC for the Touch Flo 3D or the Sense UI, but bottomline this very poor mobile operating system is making you loose  end users and hence market share

    This is not stable to relaiable OS compared with either iPhone or BlackBerry.

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