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  • I self built a home server a little while ago based on a mini-itx board + a wee case. It houses 2x 1.5TB drives and they are almost full to bursting point, going forward I'm looking at upgrading/replacing the whole setup. Ideally going for a mid tower, with 6x 2TB drives. Ideally I want to have 3x drives as actual storage space and the other 3x as a mirrored backup - I believe this is raid 1? I'm not very techie and looking for advice, is this setup easily achievable via Home Server 2011 and if so how?
    EDIT: I could be going about this all wrong. Basically I want to backup my data. I need around 6TB of storage, but this needs to be backed up - what is the best solution for this?

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  • Mirroring is RAID 1, yes. Rather than use your second triplet of drives as mirrors, though, I would recommend you use them to back the server's contents up to take off site regularly. RAID is generally not regarded as a data protection technology; it will happily reproduce any silly user errror you can think of in real time, so it should be considered a high availability solution, rather than a data protection solution.

    Instead of using the extra drives to build RAID-1 arrays, use them to back up your server for off-site storage. This will protect against major disasters such as fire, flood, etc.

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  • Thanks Ken, reply much appreciated.

    I've searched the forum and also Microsoft's FAQs for further information however they seem more geared to backing up clients on the network rather than the server itself. Apologies if this question has already been asked (I'm sure it has!), but what would be the best solution for backing up 6TB of data?

    My first thought is NAS, would this be suitable? Also does the new version of WHS offer the ability to schedule backups of itself or would this need to be done manually?

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  • WHS 2011 natively can only back up 2TB of data and that to a single drive (although you can rotate external drives). Yes, it backs itself up at multiple times per day set by the user. To back up 6TB of data you would need to do something outside the native Dashboard tools.


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  • For scheduled backups of > 2 TB of system state + data, read up on the wbadmin command line tool on technet and then bone up on batch files. Or learn about PowerShell and the Windows Server Backup cmdlets that are available.
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