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  • Hi,
      I want to use netMsmqBinding. in WCF service and deploy on the IIS.
    First of all I want to know ,can we deploy netMsmqBinding on IIS.if yes then how?.I have created an application like 
    public interface IMSMQWCFService
        //string MyOperation1(string myValue);

        [OperationContract(IsOneWay = true)]
        void SendMessage(string message);

    public class MSMQWCFService : IMSMQWCFService

        #region IMSMQService Members

        public void SendMessage(string message)
            Console.WriteLine("Received Request--------->Message Received{0}", message);


    server -   web.config file 
    <binding name="MsmqBindingNonTransactionalNoSecurity" exactlyOnce="false">
    <security mode="None"/>
    <endpoint name="MSMQWCFService"
     binding="netMsmqBinding" bindingConfiguration="MsmqBindingNonTransactionalNoSecurity"
     contract="IMSMQWCFService" />
    I want to send message from client .Please tell me how to send message from client  to server using MSMQ.

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