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  • Major Changes:


    - Changed to use type IDs instead of type URIs in polygon queries.


      Currently, we support more than 100 types. The total length of type
      URIs (used in sensor queries as one parameter) may well exceeds 4000B,
      which is the upper bound of parameter sizes in SQL store procedures.
      We switch to use IDs instead of URIs to make the system more scalable
      to the number of sensor types contained in one query.


    - Separated metadata queries and data queries in SensorMap to improve
      sensor fetching performance


      The previous versions of SensorMap queries both metadata and
      real-time/archive data when a user opens SensorMap or changes his/her
      view port. Since data are coming from distributed sensor gateways, the
      response time of such queries is quite long, taking several to tens of
      seconds depending on the number of sensors in view.  In addition to
      that, data is not refreshed unless the user reloads the page or
      changes his/her view port.


      To resolve these issues, the current release changed the behavior of
      SensorMap as follows: (i) for queries on multiple sensor types,
      SensorMap queries only sensor metadata by default. The data of a
      specific sensor is queried and displayed once the user moves the mouse
      over the sensor to view its detail, and (ii) for queries for a single
      sensor type, we query both sensor metadata and data by default.


    - Indexing pages for SwissEx projects and RFP projects


    Minor Changes:


    - Changed sensor names for the SwissEx stations such that real sensor
      names instead of database column names are used


    - Changed display names in time series charts (e.g., use "Relative
      humidity (wan7)" instead of "wan7@1" to denote the relative humidity
      sensor on station wan7)


    - Randomly display 500 sensors instead of everything when the number of
      sensors in view exceeds 500


    - Changed the description panel of a sensor to show the "chart" link
      even when data is not available currently or for the selected time


    - Fixed typo: SensorMap Sing-up -> SensorMap Sign-up



    Monday, August 11, 2008 9:51 PM

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