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  • I have just recently experienced problems w/ my Vista control panel. It actually started w/ not being able to open Windows Media Player w/out "running as administrator." When I went to the control panel to uninstall the file so I could reinstall it, it wasn't there. The program is on my computer b/c it's in the Windows Explorer list under program files, but it is not in the control panel list of programs. And neither are a lot of my other programs. Also a lot of the icons for the programs that are there look funny. They're not the icons that should be w/ the program...just a generic icon. What can I do? I haven't created a backup yet, so I can't try that, and I tried the system restore, but it failed to work.


    I'm also having issues w/ something else I'm not sure I can explain, but occassionally my windows end up opening w/out anything in them. The control panel, the windows explorer...my aol instant messenger will have message windows open up when someone leaves me a message, but nothing shows up in the window, I have to go to the logs to see  what people have written. I have the current version of AIM and it's working fine on my work computer, so I don't think it's the program.

    Two very crazy problems, and I'm hoping that someone out there will know what my problems are and how to solve them??

    Thursday, May 31, 2007 1:08 PM