Forever trapped in the limbo of Safe mode? RRS feed

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  • Hello my name is Fox, Earlier this day my graphic card driver vanished on me. I downloaded the new update for the Nvidia GeForce gtx 670m series and it ceased to exist somewhere in that process. I still am unable to resolve this...Later on I restarted my windows 8, clicked f8 like a spam bot while it was booting. Now I am stuck in a semi safe mode state. To be more clear I can get online but my screen resolution is now stuck at 640X640 or whatever. The same appearance and zoom as if I were in safe mode.

    I accessed msconfig via search, but the safe boot box is not checked. I even loaded cmd and went through the whole bcdedit /enum /v and deleted it via bcdedit /delete. Still I can not escape this purgatory. I tried restarting and shutting down countless time, but no matter what I do the endless sea of the abyss of frustration and woe haunts me. If anyone knows another method to remove this blight from my laptop I'd be forever in your debt.

    -Sincerely the lost damned soul of the former fox.- Ps: If this is not the right section for this than let me apologize in advance.

    Sunday, July 14, 2013 7:42 AM