Need help to convert GUI to command line RRS feed

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  • Hi Guys ,

    Need some help with respect to scripting

    I am working on a Unix platform(sun), where in I am asked to invoke table menu via command line which has lots of option like STATUS, REPORT ….

    It goes like this

    After login in to unix box , I am entering “yct”

    It brings me a table with lot of option , I need to scroll down and then select “Report “ which display the report

    Is it possible to for me to convert this entire action in to a single unix commad or can i call it via script. 

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  • Hi,

    Sorry, we handle Microsoft platforms here in the Microsoft forums. Perhaps you'll have better luck here:


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  • Didn't Bill Gates invent Unix in his garage?


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  • Nah, I think it was actually up in the attic.

    Don't retire TechNet! - (Don't give up yet - 12,950+ strong and growing)

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  • Actually WIndows NT has always run Unix (Posix) which was the original Linux before Linux.  Posix used to come on the CD/Disk set.  MS eventually dropped Posix from the box.  Now we just load almost any version Linux into a VM.

    I am surprised at how many new young users think that Unix is a Microsoft product. THey think theonly competitor is Apple so Unix must be Microsoft. Funny thing that Mac is Unix. OS/X was named for Jobs advanced version of Unix called "neXt" or "X". The board bought it but wouldn't allow the name.

    The problem that jobs solved with Unix was getting rid of X-Windows in favor of the Mac Windows API on Unix.   Mac API is very close to the WIndows API.  They share the same philosophy.   X-Windows is completely backwards and very difficult to design with.

    It is interesting that in Unix the users question has an answer evry much like a PowerShell solution.  We would pipe the data to a formatter which would generate a table (Format-Table) or a list (Format-List).

    I no longer remember the commands to convert a data stream or data file into a report. 

    cat?  grep? list? mtable?


    Monday, June 30, 2014 4:27 AM